Strengthening Medication Safety in Long-Term Care

The Ministry of Long-Term Care (MLTC) in Ontario is partnering with ISMP Canada to support long-term care homes in strengthening medication safety.

This initiative will help address recommendations from the Gillese Inquiry, including strengthening medication management to deter and detect intentional and unintentional harm in homes.

ISMP Canada is providing tools and support to long-term care Homes in 4 key areas.

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Areas of Support for Long-Term Care

Tools and Support

Build knowledge and ability to take action

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Quality Improvement

Use QI methods to understand and improve medication processes

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Incident Analysis

Use incident analysis to understand key risks at the home and target actions for improvement

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Measuring and Evaluating

Use tools/indicators to help target actions for improvement and evaluate progress

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Resident and Family Engagement

Engaging residents is essential to increasing medication safety and this initiative aims to support you, with resources and education, to do so authentically.

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Champion Homes

ISMP Canada is pleased to announce that 10 Champion Homes have been selected to advance the Strengthening Medication Safety in Long-Term Care initiative!

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Trailblazer Homes

In 2022-2023, ISMP Canada was pleased to support 60 Trailblazer Homes with tools, facilitation, and coaching to improve medication safety.

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Innovator Homes

**NEW** Opportunity – Become an Innovator Home!

ISMP Canada is pleased to launch and support up to 100 Innovator Homes with the tools, facilitation, and coaching that have successfully supported the great medication safety work of the Champion and Trailblazer Homes.

Interested in making a commitment at your home for improving medication safety by joining a provincial collaborative to learn and test improvements with the help of experts?

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Home Improvement Stories

Learn from Champion and Trailblazer Homes as they share details about their projects and improvement stories throughout the Strengthening Medication Safety in Long-Term Care Initiative.

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Views expressed are the views of ISMP Canada and do not necessarily reflect those of the Province