Medication Safety Self-Assessment® (MSSA)

The Medication Safety Self-Assessment® (MSSA) and its components are copyrighted by ISMP Canada and may not be used in whole or in part for any other purpose or by any other entity except for self-assessment of medication systems by users as part of their ongoing quality improvement activities.

Medication Safety Self-Assessments® (MSSAs) are designed to:

  • • Evaluate the safety of your medication system
  • • Identify vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement
  • • Increase awareness of safe medication system characteristics
  • • Monitor progress over time

We have been completing ISMP Canada's MSSA approximately every two years since 2006. We found the MSSA helpful: in preparing to meet Accreditation Canada standards, helps to visualize the complexities involved in establishing a system for safe medication delivery, administration and monitoring, to set the foundation for what we would like to see. The MSSA: re-affirms our strengths, allows us to identify developmental opportunities and possible risks to the organization, identifies each individuals responsibilities for a safe medication system, and allows managers to be able to explain to staff why we're adopting specific practices.

Ontario Long Term Care Organization

Several previous MSSA programs have been removed from this webpage. For any questions, email


Medication Safety Self-Assessment® (MSSA)

The “Focus on Never Events” series of MSSAs was developed in collaboration with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (now Healthcare Excellence Canada) and is free to access.