Registration Form - Innovator Homes

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Innovator Home!

Each home will be expected to complete the following requirements.

  • Establish a Med Safety Team (if not already in place), including engagement of resident and family members.
  • Ensure that at least one member of the Med Safety Team attends the free mini-workshops and webinars throughout the 6-month period. Additional home participants are encouraged.
  • Complete free self-assessments (including the Medication Safety Self-Assessment for Long-Term Care as well as Resident and Family engagement feedback) to help identify medication safety opportunities for improvement.
  • Compile and submit Medication Safety Indicator reports quarterly.
  • Facilitate monthly Med Safety Team meetings at the home to advance the learn, share and act activities within the initiative.
  • Implement a QI project to improve medication safety.

It is anticipated that the Med Safety Team Leader will spend approximately 2 hours each week coordinating or completing this work for the home.

Please complete the registration form below and further information will be provided to you.

Contact with any questions.

Is the Home located in a rural and/or northern location?(Required)

Authorization to Participate(Required)
Innovator Homes are asked to submit Medication Safety Indicator Data and topic specific self-assessment results to ISMP Canada for analysis. De-identified findings are shared for quality improvement actions.

The Administrator, Director of Care and Medical Director are supportive of this registration as an Innovator Home.
Allow Home Name to be Shared Publicly
The name of the Home can be shared publicly on the ISMP Canada website.