**NEW** Opportunity – Become an Innovator Home!

ISMP Canada is pleased to launch and support up to 100 Innovator Homes with the tools, facilitation, and coaching that have successfully supported medication safety improvements at the Champion and Trailblazer Homes.

Interested in making a commitment at your home for improving medication safety by joining a provincial collaborative to learn and test improvements with the help of experts?

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ISMP Canada is pleased to announce that we are continuing our partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care to advance the Strengthening Medication Safety in Long-Term Care initiative.

More information about the initiative is available by watching the Innovator Home Program Information Webinar.

Homes can now register to become Innovators in the next phase of the initiative. This opportunity includes joining with other homes across the province to participate in collaborative learning and sharing sessions.

Innovators will participate in a 6-month program delivered by ISMP Canada Faculty and includes expert coaching and facilitation support.

Each home will participate in the following 5 key components of the program, concluding with the completion of a QI project to improve medication safety.

  1. Measuring and Evaluating Medication Safety
  2. Improving Resident & Family Engagement in Medication Safety
  3. Improving MedRec Processes
  4. Using Incident Analysis and Other Triggers to Identify and Address Risks
  5. Using Quality Improvement to Improve Medication Management Processes

Specialized support will be provided to Innovators in Rural / Northern locations.

Each home will be expected to complete the following requirements.

  • Establish a Med Safety Team (if not already in place), including engagement of resident and family members.
  • Ensure that at least one member of the Med Safety Team attends the free mini-workshops and webinars throughout the 6-month period. Additional home participants are encouraged.
  • Complete free self-assessments (including the Medication Safety Self-Assessment for Long-Term Care as well as Resident and Family engagement feedback) to help identify medication safety opportunities for improvement.
  • Compile and submit Medication Safety Indicator reports quarterly.
  • Facilitate monthly Med Safety Team meetings at the home to advance the learn, share and act activities within the initiative.
  • Implement a QI project to improve medication safety.

It is anticipated that the Med Safety Team Leader will spend approximately 2 hours each week coordinating or completing this work for the Home.

Champion and Trailblazer Homes are encouraged to become Innovator Homes so that local learning, sharing and acting to improve medication safety can continue to be supported by experts!

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E-mail LTC@ismpcanada.ca for more information.

Program Guide

This Program Guide has an overview of the Innovator Home Program, including the 5 key components of the program to improve medication safety.

Program Guide

Innovator Home Calendar

Innovator Homes have access to the Innovator Home Calendar to view all important dates including Incident Analysis Workshops, Monthly Sharing and Learning Meetings, Quarterly Provincial Sharing and Learning Webinars and QI Workshops!

Innovator Home Calendar



Launch Webinar

The Innovator Home Program was publicly launched by ISMP Canada on May 8, 2024. View the webinar recording and PPT slides for an overview of the program and the activities that will be implemented.

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