Residents in Ontario’s long-term care are the heart of every home. They have reached a stage in their life where they need to rely on others to support and to care for them, and while there are some residents who cannot be autonomous in their own care, there are many who are able to self-advocate and make decisions for themselves in their medication management. Engaging residents is essential to increasing medication safety and this initiative aims to support you, with resources and education, to do so authentically. Collaboration between staff and residents gives the best possible chance for safe medication experiences.

"I have had an opportunity to become acquainted with my doctor, and he with me. That rapport, that bond and relationship is critically important for me and for many other residents in long-term care."

Barry, resident in long-term care, Ontario.

"I would like to be on the committee that decides how they are going to reduce errors so that I can add the resident's voice..."

Devora, resident in long-term care, Ontario.


This toolkit has been designed for all staff in long-term care homes in Ontario as a landing place to find resources and information to support resident and family engagement in the home. Whether this practice is already embedded in your setting or whether you are looking for ways to increase engagement, there is information in the following pages that will support any improvement efforts and/or projects.

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After you have downloaded the toolkit, please take this short survey to help us know what information is the most supportive to you with regards to engaging residents and their families.

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Your Voice Matters in Medication Safety

A resident’s voice is an important part of any medication management system, and they bring a unique perspective to decision making and care planning. This video describes how residents and their families can be fully engaged and why their input is critical to their quality of life. This module is designed for residents and families, but all LTC staff would benefit from watching.

Your Voice Matters in Medication Safety, is a downloadable resource for your residents and their families. Share it so you can help them understand their role in their own medication management while in long-term care. This handout can be printed or emailed to your community.

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Resident and Family Survey

One method of gathering the resident and family perspective on how medications are managed in the home is through the use of a survey. One of the Champion Homes used a survey developed by ISMP Canada Faculty and made updates to reflect local nuances.

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When a Medication Error Happens

Although health care providers do their best, medication errors or mistakes may happen in a long-term care home. Read the FAQ to learn what you can expect the staff and physicians at your home will do after a medication error has occurred.

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Consumer Newsletter

Residents and families play an important role in medication safety. View this consumer newsletter to see how residents and families can help promote medication safety in Long-term Care.

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What Matters to You

What Matters to You is a global initiative that encourages health care providers to engage with residents and families to discuss what is important to them and their health goals. Download the document for resources and ideas.

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Share Your Stories of Excellence!

Have you seen excellent examples of resident and family engagement in medication management in your home? Share your impactful stories with us.

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