Application of TALLman Lettering for Selected High Alert Drugs in Canada



Drug name confusion, particularly because of look-alike, sound-alike
(LASA) name attributes can be a contributing factor to medication
related adverse events. TALLman lettering is one of many risk
mitigation strategies to minimize errors involving LASA drug names.

ISMP Canada invites healthcare professionals to participate in a one
hour complimentary webinar that will provide an opportunity for
participants to learn more about the development of a list of “TALLman
Lettering for Look-alike/Sound-Alike Drug Names in Canada”.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the webinar, participants will:

  • Understand the methodology used to apply TALLman lettering to selected LASA drug name pairs of concern in Canada.
  • Learn about the principles for applying TALLman lettering in Canada.
  • Consider alternative and complementary strategies that can be used
    to reduce the risk of errors associated with look-alike, sound-alike
    (LASA) drug names.


Healthcare professionals involved in procurement, prescribing,
dispensing, transcribing and administering look-alike, sound alike
drugs; pharmacy managers who oversee patient safety activities, clinical
informatics personnel involved in the development or implementation of
IT medication management systems; administrators; quality and risk
management personnel and those interested in patient safety in general.