World Patient Safety Day 2022

ISMP Canada is pleased to collaborate with the World Health Organization (WHO) on developing and implementing the Medication Without Harm Global Patient Safety Challenge. World Patient Safety Day 2022 (WPSD 2022) provides an important opportunity locally, provincially, nationally, and globally to raise awareness, engagement, empowerment, and action for improving medication safety!

Join us in acknowledging this important day and advancing medication safety across Canada.

Resources for World Patient Safety Day

ISMP Canada Webinar

Join us for the webinar Medication Without Harm for Canadians,  Thursday, September 15 from 11:00AM – 12:00PM EDT

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Partner Toolkit

Developed by ISMP Canada, the toolkit is designed to support our partners and others to share information about World Patient Safety Day 2022 and take action. By connecting ISMP Canada and WPSD’s vision of safety and reducing preventable harm from medications, the messaging can reach more Canadian healthcare providers and consumers.


Take the WPSD Pledge!

Take the Medication Without Harm Individual Pledge and be part of the initiative!

Share your Social Media Posts

Follow us and comment, share, like, re-post and retweet relevant content. We’ll be doing the same, with as many of you as possible, leading up to and during World Patient Safety Day! See the WHO/WPSD social media materials.

Practitioner: @ISMPCanada

Consumer: @SafeMedUse


Practitioner: @ISMPCanada

Consumer: @MedicationSafety




WHO Posters and Other Resources

See the WHO website for additional resources!