Trailblazer Homes

In 2022-2023, ISMP Canada was pleased to support 60 Trailblazer Homes with tools, facilitation, and coaching to improve medication safety.

Initiative Overview

The goal of the Strengthening Medication Safety in Long-Term Care initiative is to reduce harm associated with medication management errors within Long-Term Care (LTC) in Ontario.  This is a 3-year initiative funded by the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care[1].

1The Strengthening Medication Safety in LTC Initiative is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care.  Views expressed are the views of ISMP Canada and do not necessarily reflect the views of the province.

2 ISMP Canada’s Medication Safety Self-Assessment for Long-Term Care, 2021

"As one of the 10 Champion Homes in the Strengthening Medication Safety in Long-Term Care initiative, our team applied quality improvement tools and took a deep dive into medication reconciliation finding paths to improvements. By analyzing what goes on behind the scenes, we identified and tested safer and more efficient ways to support resident safety. The project has brought the entire team together, allowing us to question and learn from each other."

Alice Jyu, Director of Nursing (Project Lead), Bendale Acres, City of Toronto, Seniors Services and Long-term Care

One of our successes in the initiative is resident and family engagement through the representation of resident(s) and family member(s) in our medication safety meetings; and utilizing the “What Matters To You” model in our medication safety program. Asking what matters helps healthcare teams to further understand what is important to our residents.

Alexis Lamsen RN, GNC © IIWCC Mgr. of Clinical Practice- Niagara Region Project Lead- Champion Home

“I have enjoyed getting to know about pills and how they're handled, and I think everyone should get to know how. Every home should be learning this.”

Leslie – Resident, Champion Home

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Trailblazer Home Medication Safety Indicator Instruction Book: 

Word version: TrailblazerHomes.MedSafetyIndicator.Instructionbook.Ver1.docx
PDF version: TrailblazerHomes.MedSafetyIndicator.Instructionbook.Ver1.pdf

Trailblazer Home Worksheet 1 – Core Indicators: 

Word version: TrailblazerHomes.Worksheet1.CoreIndicators.Ver1.docx
PDF version: TrailblazerHomes.Worksheet1.CoreIndicators.Ver1.pdf
Excel/spreadsheet version: TrailblazerHomes.Worksheet1.CoreIndicators.Ver1.xlsx

Trailblazer Home Resident and Family Engagement Survey

Survey: Resident and Family Engagement Survey
Results Tracker: Trailblazer Resident and Family Sample Survey Results Tracker

Trailblazer Home Worksheet 2 – Optional Indicators:

Word version: TrailblazerHomes.Worksheet2.OptionalIndicators.Ver1.docx
PDF version: TrailblazerHomes.Worksheet2.OptionalIndicators.Ver1.pdf
Excel/spreadsheet version: TrailblazerHomes.Worksheet2.OptionalIndicators.Ver1.xlsx

Trailblazer Home Getting Started Kit

Trailblazer Home Getting Started Kit

Trailblazer Project Streams

Trailblazer homes are invited to participate in one or more of the following project streams based on the identified priorities at their homes.